Blockbag bags are characterized by their rectangular, flat bottom and insert in the sides. As a result, he is not only super, but also easy to close the top by means of a block seal.

This standing bag is especially suitable for loose chocolate, biscuits, hippos and standing marzipan characters, but also for nuts and southern fruits. This type of bag is also widely used for packaging luxury items and gift packages.

Industrial applications are also very good at this bag. The blockbags can be fitted with a Thürlings hole to be suitable for mechanical processing.

There is also a more luxurious variant of the blockbag bag. the TOP bag. This bag is made of a dematerialized foil, giving a high gloss effect. In addition, this TOP bag has a cardboard bottom sheet with a metallic look inside and outside.


Specifications Bag provided from flat bottom
Material OPPC (mono and laminate), Acryl
Thickness 40 – 60 mµ
Printing possibilty Yes
Extra possibilities Cartboard bottom
Especially suitable for Demetallizing film
Luxury segment
Standing presentation

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