Once you as a customer have made a choice for a type of bag and placed the order, then we start with our production process and that looks like this:

  • Ready for printing

    With printed orders, the first step is to have the artwork ready for printing. This means that the motif supplied by the customer is converted by our prepress into a color separated file ready to make printing plates for the presses. From these data a digital proof or a hard copy is sent to the customer for inspection. After approval from the customer, the printing plates are made on this basis.

  • Preparing machines

    Upon receipt of the order, it is checked whether the right foil is in stock and if not, it will be ordered. The foil enters on rolls, which we can cut to the desired size if necessary. Then the roller is mounted on one of our many machines. After that, the relevant machine is set by our technical department for your type and size of bag.

  • Production

    Once the machine is fully set up, the actual production of your pouch can begin. Because we are BRC-certified, every box is checked at every machine to ensure quality. The bags are packed in boxes directly from the machine and placed on pallets.

  • Stockroom

    As soon as the pallet is full, it is stored in our warehouse until the order can be sent.

Special Products
Provided with cardboard
Windows in paperbags
Sealed blockbottombags
Coffeebags provided with a window
Microperforation bags
Anti theft packaging
Round sheets, slice wraps
5x flexo print 100 lines/10 cm colors
Digital printing
2x gravure 9/10 colors
3x cutting machine
4x laminate line (double or threefold)
10x flat- or harmonica bags foil or paper
4x cross-basebags foil of paper
12x block bottom bags foil or paper
3x sealed bags
2x diamondbags
2x doypack
4x pouches
2x pointbags